Seeing is Believing

One easy way to offer personalized remote assessments is through video. Video makes it possible to evaluate your learner on their own turf and according to their own needs. In fact, it’s a strategy that’s been used in athletics for years. Whether it be the sharing of video clips or the actual filming of a learner’s movements, video is useful in a whole host of assessment and instructional settings.

Video lends itself to assessment in ways that live observation does not. After all, there is no pausing or replaying live movement. There is also no allowing the learner to view themselves in action. Yes, video-based assessment can open the door to unique insights. Additionally, it is a helpful resource when working with remote learners. What better way to see your learner’s movement than to SEE your learner’s movements.

Setting the Scene

To ensure a useful video, have your learner pay careful mind to their setup. In our case, this means shot size, camera angle, and camera framing. Giving consideration to these elements will ensure that you will see everything needed to truly assess their movements. These procedures should be a part of your learners’ pre-training. As a bonus, these same steps apply when taking skill-based photos.

For a crash course, check out the following video.

Now What?

One great way to leverage photo/video to facilitate a truly personalized remote assessment is to turn it into a self-assessment. I used Google Forms to create the self-assessment below.

Use the following link (Link to Self-Assessent) to explore in detail. If you have a photo or video that matches the movements I’ve mentioned, feel free to do your own little self-assessment.