Make it Personal

OLPE carries an amazing capacity for personalization. When it comes to differentiation, the traditional PE setting is often fraught with constraints. Is someone else using that equipment today? Am I teaching in the gym or outside? Oh no, it started raining! Not to mention the inherent difficulty of simultaneously providing instruction for a variety of movements.

It’s not unusual to walk into a class with one learner who wants to improve their reaction time for soccer, one who wants to walk a mile without stopping, and a third with a back injury. While a resourceful classroom teacher might make this work, at the end of the day, it is difficult.

This is where OLPE really shines. When you aren’t locked into the demands of a live class, you have the flexibility to design asynchronous workouts based on need.

When it comes to remote personalization, a lot can be done by devising a plan to measure, guide, track, communicate with learners.

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Modern technological advancements have made it increasingly easy to collaborate with online learners. There are some excellent tools for fostering remote personalization. The infographic below contains some of my favorites.

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Make it Social

Another interesting element of OLPE is its ability to foster global connections. Discussion boards and live remote sessions have made it possible to connect with learners from diverse places. In studies of student perception after taking an OLPE course, many noted that the social experience was a highlight of the course (Link to Research for Student Perceptions). It makes sense! Learner-learner interactions are a key element of creating engagement (Link to Community of Inquiry).

The rise in fitness based social gamification apps also have added an exciting option to the remote fitness world.


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